The Pretty Things Peepsow needs your help! The costs of running a show with such a hectic travel schedule is overwhelming and we would love your help keepng the show on the road so we have come up with some fundraisers to help be sure that we can keep bringin our show to you!

If you have a company that would like to sponsor or cross promote with us Please check out our Sponsorship Page



Domestic Mail (within the continetal US)

      $5 one postcard

$10 two postcards

$25 five postcards

$75 fifteen postcards

$150 twenty postcards

$300 fourty postcards that's one from every show!




      International Mail (anywhere outside of the US)

$7 one postcard


$14 two postcards


 $30 five postcards


$85 fifteen postcards


$175 twenty postcards


 $350 fourty postcards



We have begun the insane task of making over 400 pairs of pasties for the upcoming Valentines Day tour 2014. As many of you know we hand make most of the merchandise we sell at our shows. We are now accepting crafty donations of Fabric and Trim for these nipple covering keepsakes that help fun the show. We are litterally the show that pasties bult so if you have some scraps or a few yards of something fabulous you'd like to get rid of please send it our way. Your contributions will help keep this unique genre of live entertainment on the road and your craft supplies will end up on the boobs of one of our fabulous fans so it's really a win-win situation here.


Photo by Shannon Brooke


If you live in the LA area we would be happy to come pick your stuff up. If you live elswhere please send us a messgae and we will give you the address of our LA offices so you can mail it.




If you don't want postcards clogging up your mailbox we do accept anny sum of donation you would like to give.


If you don't have any cash but still want to help we do need? We need interns in the Los Angeles area to help with merchandising, press and promotions costumes and more!

If you're interested in helping us out hands on then send an email to


If you don't live in the area but still want to help we also need help building up or email list, getting more twitter followers and people to Like us on Facebook. Here are a few link you can feel free to pass these along.