Past Tour Dates



1/13/09 Otto Bar   Baltimore, MD
1/14/09 Mojo 13   Wilmington, DE
1/15/09 Le Poisson Rouge   New York City, NY
1/16/09  Asbury Lanes   Asbury Park, NJ
1/17/09 Tin Angel   Philadelphia, PA
1/18/09 Palace of Wondres   Washington, DC
1/22/09 The Rock Shop   Fayetteville, NC
1/23/09 Ground Zero   Spartanburg, SC
1/24/09 The Masquerade   Atlanta, GA
1/28/09 HiHo Lounge   New Orleans, LA
1/29/09 The Rev Room   Little Rock, AR
1/30/09 Lola's Stockyards   Fort Worth, TX
2/1/09 Plaza Theater   Dallas, TX
2/3/09 Smokin Aces  McAllen, TX
2/4/09 The Vortex   Beaumont, TX
2/5/09 The Meridian   Houston, TX
2/6/09 Emo's   Austin, TX
2/7/09 Rock Bottom Tattoo Bar   San Antonio, TX
2/9/09 The Deadjorse   San Angelo, TX
2/12/09 Grahm Central Station   Odessa, TX
2/14/09 Trunk Space   Phoenix, AZ
2/18/09 El Cid   Los Angeles, CA
2/19/09 Kennel Club   Sacramento, CA
2/20/09 Lost on Main   Chico, CA
2/21/09 Fat Cat Club   Modesto, CA
3/8/09 Pin-Up Class, Lola's Stockyard   Fort Worth, TX
3/14/09 Pin-Up Class, RocBar   Houston, TX
3/15/09 Pin-Up Class, The Vortex   Beaumont, TX
4/3/09 Soho's   Columbus, GA
4/5/09 Pin Up Class, Sim City Hot Rods    Atlanta, GA
4/11/09 Smith's Olde Bar    Atlanta, GA
4/14/09 Ground Zero   Spartanburg, SC
4/15/09 Amo's   Charlotte, NC
4/16/09 The Our House   Raleigh, NC
4/17/09 KC's Music Alley   Fredericksburg, VA
4/18/09 Ton Angel    Philadelphia, PA
4/22/09  MOJO 13   Wilmington, DE
4/23/09 Crash Mansion   New York, NY
4/24/09  Broadway   Amityville, NY
4/25/09 Hot Shots   Glens Falls, NY
4/28/09 The Church   Boston, MA
4/29/09  The Blackstone   Pawtucket, RI
4/30/09 The Black Hole   Baltimore, MD
5/1/09 Asbury Lanes   Asbury Park, NJ
5/2/09 Public Assembly   Brooklyn, NY
5/6/09 Alley Katz    Richmond, VA
5/7/09 The Rock Shop   Fayetteville, NC
5/8/09 The Loft    Augusta, GA
5/9/09 Jack Rabbits   Jacksonville, FL
5/13/09 The Rev Room   Little Rock, AR
5/14/09 Nocturnal    Memphis, TN
5/15/09 Club OZZ   Huntsville, AL
5/16/09 Alabama Music Box   Mobile, AL
5/20/09 Zydeco   Birmingham, AL
5/21/09 Hal and Mals   Jackson, MS
5/22/09 Northgate Tavern  Baton Rouge, LA
5/23/09 One Eyed Jacks    New Orleans, LA
5/25/09 Pin-Up Class   Houston, TX
5/26/09 The Vortex    Beaumont, TX
5/27/09 The Meridian    Houston, TX
5/28/09: Rock Bottom Tattoo Bar    San Antonio, TX
5/29/09 Red 7   Austin, TX -
5/30/09 Smokin Ace's   Mission, TX
6/2/09 The Deadhorse   San Angelo, TX
6/5/09 Trunk Space   Phoenix, AZ
6/6/09 Pin-Up Class   Tempe, AZ
6/7/09  Pin-Up Class, The Ruby Room    San Diego, CA
6/9/09 Voodoo Lounge    San Jose, CA
6/10/09 Rockit Room    San Francisco, CA
6/11/09 Blue Lamp   Sacramento, CA
6/12/09 Lost On Main   Chico, CA
6/13/09 Juke Joint   Anaheim, CA
6/28 - 6/29/ 09  Pin-Up Class,   Salem, OR
7/2/09  Roxxy   Salem, OR
7/5/09 Pin-Up Class   Ashlad, OR
7/9/09 Pin-Up Class   Las Vegas, NV
7/17/09  The Loft   Augusta, GA
7/18/09 Judging Harley Davidson Pin-Up Contest   Augusta, GA
7/19/09 Pin-Up Class   Augusta, GA
7/25/09  Pin-Up Class   Memphis, TN
9/2/09 The StoneFly   Milwaukee, WI
9/3/09 The Roman   Kearney, NE
9/4/09  Thunder in the Rockies Harley Davidson Motorcycle Rally featuring Foreigner Loveland, CO
9/5/09  Thunder in the Rockies Harley Davidson Motorcycle Rally featuring Foreigner Loveland, CO
9/6/09  Thunder in the Rockies Harley Davidson Motorcycle Rally featuring Foreigner Loveland, CO
9/8/09 Vaudeville Mews   Des Moines, IA
9/9/09 The Granada Theatre   Lawrence, KS
9/10/09 Off Broadway    St. Louis, MO
9/18/09 Lila Eule    Bremen, Germany  
9/19/09 Pitcher    Düsseldorf, Germany
9/20/09 Zwölfzehn   Stuggart, Germany
9/22/09 Pin-Up Class at Queen Calavera   Hamburg, Germany
9/24/09 Primitiv Bar   Berlin, Germany
9/25/09 Queen Calavera   Hamburg, Germany
9/26/09 Queen Calavera   Hamburg, Germany
10/10/09 Pin Up Class, Index Art Center    Newark NJ
10/12/09 Pin Up Class Live Fast   New York City, NY
11/3/09 Sachsenheim Ballroom   Cleveland, OH
11/4/09 The Vollrath Tavern   Indianapolis, IN
11/5/09 Musica   Akron, OH
11/6/09 The V Club   Huntington, WV
11/7/09 Cahootenany's   Johnson City, TN
11/9/09 Cosmic Charlie's   Lexington, KY
11/11/09 The Muse/Kung Fu Coffee   Nashville, TN
11/12/09 Sun Beach Club   Gallatin, TN
11/13/09 Nocturnal    Memphis, TN
11/14/09 Brother's Bar   Jacksonville, AL
11/15/09 The Auditorium   Jackson, MS
11/17/09 The Varsity Theatre   Baton Rouge, LA
11/18/09 Allways Lounge   New Orleans, LA
11/20/09 Alabama Music Box   Mobile, AL
11/21/09 The Nick   Birmingam, AL
11/25/09 Jack Rabbits   Jacksonville, FL
11/26/09 Smith's Olde Bar  Atlanta, GA
11/27/09 The Loft   Augusta, GA
11/29/09 The Milestone   Charlotte, NC
12/2/09 Cahootenany's   Johnson City, TN
12/3/09 4620 Reinvented   Knoxville, TN
12/4/09 Ground Zero   Spartan, SC
12/5/09 The Wormhole   Savannah, GA
12/7/09 The Basement at Crazy J's   Myrtle Beach, SC
12/8/09 The Garage   Winston-Salem, NC
12/9/09 The Soapbox Lounge   Wilmington, NC
12/10/09 The Rock Shop   Fayetteville, NC
12/11/09 The Taphouse   Norfolk, VA
12/12/09 KC's Music Alley   Fredericksburg, VA
12/13/09 The Black Hole    Baltimore, MD
12/14/09 Pin Up Class- Liberator Motors,   Westminster, MD
12/16/09 Palace of Wonders   Washington, DC
12/17/09 Mojo 13   Wilmington, DE
12/18/09 Asbury Lanes/ With the Koffin Kats   Asbury Park, NJ
12/19/09  Southpaw/ With Sasquatch & the Sickabillys!   Brooklyn, NY





1/9/10 Pin- Up Class, Asbury Lanes,   Asbury Park,NJ
1/10/10 Pin Up Class   Brooklyn, NY
128/10 MOJO 13   Wilmington, DE
1/29/10 The Basement    Kingston, NY
1/30/10 Upstairs at the Trocadero   Philadelphia, PA
1/31/10 Bowery Electric   New York, NY
2/2/10 The Garage    Winston, Salem
2/3/10 The Milestone   Charlotte, NC
2/4/10 The Soapbox Lounge   Wilmington, NC
2/5/10 The Brewery   Raleigh, NC
2/6/10 Cahootenany's   Johnson City, TN
2/9/10 Stella Blue 31   Asheville, NC
2/10/10 Cosmic Charlie's/ With The Two Man Gentlemen Band!  Lexington, KY
2/12/10 Jim Porters Good Time Emporium   Louisville, KY
2/13/10 Hot Springs   National Park, AR
2/14/10 Rev Room   Little Rock, AR
2/18/10 PIN-UP CLASS, ROCBAR   Houston, TX
2/18/10 ROCBAR   Houston, TX
2/19/10 Emos   Austin, TX
2/20/10 The Deadhorse   San Angelo, TX
2/21/10 Surly Wench Pub  Tucson, AZ
2/22/10 Trunk Space   Phoenix, AZ
2/24/10 M Bar   Hollywood, CA
2/25/10 Fishlips   Bakersfield, CA
2/26/10 The Blue Lamp   Sacramento, CA
2/27/10 Lost   Chico, CA
3/3/10 Voodoo Lounge   San Jose, CA
3/6/10 The Time Out Tavern   Kingham, AZ
3/7/10 The Launchpad   Albuquerque, NM
3/9/10 The New Lift Lounge   Omaha, NE
3/10/10 Knickerbockers Bar & Grill Lincoln, NE
3/11/10 The Granada Theater  Lawrence, KS
3/13/10 Lindbergs   Springfield, MO
3/14/10 Off Broadway  St. Louis, MO
3/16/10 The Mill  Iowa City, IA
3/17/10 Vaudeville Mews  Des Moines, IA
3/18/10 Lee's Liquor Lounge  Minneapolis, MN
3/19/10 The Frequency  Madison, WI
3/20/10 The Bay View Brew   Milwaukee, WI
3/22/10 Elbo Room/ With local guest Angela Eve  Chicago, IL
3/24/10 Hammerheads  Evansville, IN
3/25/10 The Vollrath Tavern   Indianapolis, IN
3/26/10 Musica  Akron, OH
3/27/10 Howlers Coyote Cafe   Pittsburgh, PA
4/10/10 PIN-UP CLASS at Asbury Lanes  Asbury Park, NJ
4/11/10 PIN-UP CLASS  Queens, NY
5/1/10 Shangrila Studios   Brooklyn, NY
5/28/10 The Basement   Kingston, NY
5/29/10 The Depot   Baltimore, MD
5/30/10 Asbury Lanes Asbury Park, NJ
5/31/10 MOJO 13 Wilmington, DE
6/1/10 Stage on Herr   Harrisburg, PA
6/5/10 Dover Brick House  Dover, NH
6/6/10 Ralph's Rock Diner  Worchester, MA
6/9/10 Jerky's Bar   Providence, RI
6/10/10 The Warehouse Hartford, CT
6/12/10 Rose's Cantina  Groton, CT
6/13/10 The Note  West Chester, PA
6/13/10 The Rex Theatre   Pittsburgh, PA
6/16/10:  Musica   Akron, OH
6/17/10: Cosmic Charlie’s The Ford Theatre Min Bar   Lexington, KY
6/18/10 Hammerheads   Evansville, IN
6/19/10 White Rabbit   Indianapolis, IN
6/20/10 Heorot Pub and Draught House  Monie, IN
6/23/10 Lee’s Liquor Lounge  Minneapolis, MN
6/24/10 The Frequency  Madison, WI
6/25/10 Rock Box   Chicago, IL
6/26/10 Miramar Theatre  Milwaukee, WI
6/27/10 The Mill  Iowa City, IA
6/29/10 Vaudeville Mews  Des Mones, IA
6/30/10 The Lift Lounge  Omaha, NE
6/1/10 Knickerbockers  Lincoln, NE
7/2/10 Room 107   St Joeseph, Missouri
7/3/10 Granada Theater   Lawrence, KS
7/6/10 Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret   Danver, CO
7/7/10 Rocket Room  Colorado Springs, CO
7/8/10 Bar Deluxe   Salt lake City, UT
7/10/10 Zebra Lounge   Bozeman, MT
7/11/10 Top Hat Lounge   Missula, MT
7/12/10 Minn’s Club   East Wenatchee, WA
7/14/10 Slims Last Chance   Seattle, WA
7/15/10 Wild Buffalo Music House   Bellingham, WA
7/16/10 Tiger Bar   Portland, OR
7/ 17/10 Salem, OR
7/18/10 Pin Up Class  Salem, OR
7/19/10 Johnny B’s  Medford, OR
7/21/10 Lost On Main  w/Augie Fash   Chico, CA
7/23/10 Blue Lamp   Sacramento, CA
7/ 24/10 Fat Cat Club   Modesto, CA
7/ 25/10 Voodoo Lounge   San Jose, CA
7/28/10 Chyanne Saloon   Las Vegas, NV
7/ 29/10 Launchpad   Albuquerque, NM
7/ 30/10 Bombardiers   El Paso, TX
7/31/10  Pin Up Class and Show Deadhorse  San Angelo, TX
8/1/10 High Ball   Austin, TX
8/5/10 Pin Up Class and Show RocBar   Houston, TX
8/6/10 Varsity Theatre   Baton Rouge, LA
8/ 7/10 Hal and Mals  Jackson, MS
8/8/10 Nocturnal w/The Memphis Belles  Memphis, TN
8/10/10 Cahootenanny’s  Johnson City, TN
8/ 12/10 The Garage   Winston-Salem, NC
8/ 13/10 The Soapbox   Wilmington, NC
8/14/10 Rock Shop   Fayetteville, NC

8/17 First Midwest Bank Ampitheater Chicago IL OZZFEST with Ozzy Osborne, Motley Crue and Rob Halford
8/19 First Niagra Pvillion Pittsburg PA OZZFEST with Ozzy Osborne, Motley Crue and Rob Halford
8/21 Comcast Theater Hartford CT OZZFEST with Ozzy Osborne, Motley Crue and Rob Halford
8/22 Susquehanna Bank Ampitheter Camden NJ OZZFEST with Ozzy Osborne, Motley Crue and Rob Halford 8/24 Comcast Cneter Boston MA OZZFEST with Ozzy Osborne, Motley Crue and Rob Halford
11/6/10 The Rock Shop  Fayetteville, NC
11/ 7/10 Cahootenanny’s   Johnson City, TN
11/8/10 The Nick   Birmingham, AL
11/10/10 Nocturnal   Memphis, TN
11/ 11/10 Smoke and  Barrels   Fayetteville, AR
11/ 12/10 Bash Riprocks   Lubbock, TX
11/ 13/10 The Launchpad   Albequerque, NM
11/15-19/10 Global Gaming Expo   LAS VEGAS, NV
11/ 19/10 Las Vegas Country Saloon (LVCS)   Las Vegas, NV
11/ 20/10 Surly Wench Pub   Tucson, AZ
11/21/10 Bombardiers   El Paso, TX
11/22/10 The Deadhorse   San Angelo TX
11/23/10 Sin Citi   Odessa, TX
11/24/10 HiLo Lounge   Oklahoma City, OK
11/ 27/10 Maxine’s   Hot Springs, AR
11/28/10 The Rev Room  w/ The go-go Revolution Girls and The Diamond Dames   Little Rock, AR
11/ 29/10 Cicero's   St Louis, MO
12/ 2/10 Boobie Trap Bar   Topeka, KS
12/ 3/10 Lindberg’s   Springfield, MO
12/ 4/10 Knickerbockers  Lincoln, NE
12/6/10 Vaudeville Mews   Des Moines, IA
12/7/10 The Beaumont   Kansas City, KS
12/ 9/10 White Rabbit Cabaret   Indianapolis, IN
12/ 10/10 The Rex  Pittsburgh, PA
12/11/10 PIN UP CLASS   Harrisburg, PA
12/11/10 Stage on Herr   Harrisburg, PA
12/12/10 Asbury Lanes  Asbury Park, NJ

2/4/11 The Note guest stars The Peek-a-Boo Revue   West Chester, PA
2/5/11 MOJO 13   Wilmington, DE
2/7/11 The Hampton Taphouse guest star BooBoo Darlin   Hampton, VA  
2/8/11 The Garage guest star Bonnie Voyage   Winston-Salem, NC
2/9/11 Karma   Greenville, SC
2/10/11 Five Spot guest star Gia Nova   Atlanta, GA
2/11/11 Flying Monkey Arts Center   Huntsville, AL
2/12/11 Kirks Biz’zar   Gulfport, MS
2/13/11 Alabama Music Box   Mobile, AL
2/14/11 The Rev Room guest stars The Diamond Dames   Little Rock, AR
2/15/11 Smoke and Barrel guest star Kierra Mazarati   Fayetteville, AR
2/16/11 Smoke and Barrel Saloon  Fayetteville, AR
2/17/11 Crystal Pistol Saloon w/ Wayne the Train Hancock  Tulsa, OK
2/18/11 Jim Porters Goodtime Emporium   Louisville, KY
2/20/11 The Yadda Club Guest star Shafreaka Jane and Cin City Burlesque   Covington, KY
2/22/11 Bear’s Place guest star Marisa Gail   Bloomington, IN
2/23/11 Beat Kitchen guest star Lula Houp-Garou   Chicago, IL
2/24/11 Miamar Theater guest star Harmony Breeze   Milwaukee, WI
2/25/11 Club Envy guest star Marisa Gail  Muncie, IN
2/26/11 Painted Lady Lounge guest star The Vivacious Miss Audacious  Detroit, MI
2/27/11 The Loft guest star Sylver Fyre   Lansing, MI
3/3/11 The Machine Shop guest star Sylver Fyre   Flint, MI
3/4/11 Musica guest stars Bella Sin, Terra Incognita and The HilarAtease Cabaret   Akro, OH
3/5/11 Stage on Herr   Harrisburg, PA
3/6/11 PIN UP MODELING CLASS   Harrisburg, PA
3/6/11 Stage on Herr   Harrisburg, PA
3/7/11 Stage on Herr   Harrisburg, PA
3/9/11North Star Bar w/Roller Derby Fashion Show and guest star spots by Cherry Bomb and Ginger Leigh from the Peek-a-Boo Revue   Philadelphia, PA
3/10/11 Jefferson Theater guest star Heavens to Betsy   Charlottesville, VA
3/11/11 Red Palace  Guest Star Legs Malone and BooBoo Darlin   Washington, DC
3/12/11 Asbury Lanes Guest Star Legs Malone   Asbury Park, NJ
3/16/11 Roxy and Dukes   Dullen, NJ
3/17/11 NOLA’s BBQ  Rochester, NY
3/18/11 Roses Cantina w/Sasquatch and The Sickabillys  Groton, CT
3/19/11 Café 9 w/Sasquatch and The Sickabillys  New Haven, CT
3/20/11 The Basement w/Sasquatch and The Sickabillys   Kingston, NY
5/6/11 Harrisburg Community College Arts and Music Festival   Harrisburg, PA
7/3/11 Roxy & Dukes Dunellen, Nj
7/6/11 Schubas, Chicago, Il
7/7/11 Miramar Theater, Milwaukee, Wi
7/8-10/11  Exxxotica, Chicago, Il
7/11/11 The Loft, Lansing, Mi
7/12/11 White Rabbit, Indianapolis, Il
7/13/11 Belle's Electric, Kalamazoo, Mi
7/14/11 The Machine Shop, Flint, Mi
7/15/11 The Rex, Pittsburg, Pa
7/16/11 Cameleon Club, Lancaster, Pa
8/28-30/11 Stage On Herr, Harrisburg, Pa
8/4/11  MOJO 13, Wilmington, De
8/5/11 Rockshop, Fayetteville, Nc
8/6/11 Galaxy Lounge, Johnson City, Tn
8/7/11 Muse, Nashville, Tn
8/8/11 Smoke & Barrel, Fayetteville, Ar
8/9/11 Jerry's Bait Shop, Lee Summit, Mo
8/10/11 Bourbon Theater, Lincoln, Ne
8/11/11 Benders Tavern, Denver, Co
8/15/11 LVCS, Las Vegas, Nv
8/16/11 Studio on 4th, Reno, Nv
8/17/11 El Ray Theater, Chico, Ca
8/19/11 Blue Lamp, Sacramento, Ca
8/20/11 Diablos, Eugene, Or
8/21/11 Dante's, Portland, Or
8/22/11 Cultureworks, Ashland, Or
8/24/11 Crystal Bay Casino, Lake Tahoe, Nv
8/25/11 Fishlips, Bakersfeild, Ca
8/26/11 Exxxotica, Los Angeles, Ca
8/28/11 Dragonfly, Los Angeles, Ca
8/30/11 Deadhorse Saloon, San Angelo, Tx
8/31/11 Kessler, Dallas, Tx
9/1/11  Flying Monkey, Huntsville, Al
9/2/11  Karma, Greenville, Sc
9/3/11  The Garage, Winston-Salem, Sc
9/4/11  The Taphouse, Hampton, Va
12/2/11 The Apartment, Providence RI
12/3/11 Geno’s, Portland ME
12/4/11 Lucky Dog Music Hall,  Worchester MA
12/6/11 Dover Brickhouse,  Dover NH
12/8/11 Musica,  Akron OH
12/9/11 The Rex Theater,  Pittsburgh PA
12/10/11 Sound Factory,  Charleston WV
12/11/11 The Jefferson Theater,  Charlottesville VA
12/12/11 The Neighborhood Theatre,  Charlotte NC
12/14/11 The Soapbox,  Wilmington NC
12/15/11 Red Palace, Washington DC
12/16/11 The Note West, Chester PA




1/26/12 Highline Ballroom, NYC,NY
1/27/12 Stage On Herr, Harrisburgh,PA
1/28/12 Stage On Herr, Harrisburgh,PA
1/29/12 Beechland Ballroom,Cleveland, OH
2/1/12 Sound Factory, Charleston, WV
2/2/12 CS2, Ft Wayne, IN
2/3/12 Riviera Theater, Three Rivers, MI
2/4/12 Smalls, Detroirt,MI
2/5/12 Loft, Lansing, MI
2/9/12 Linbergs, Springfield,MO
2/10/12 Jumpin Jupiter, St Louis,MO
2/11/12 The Event Gallery, Evansville,IN
2/12/12 Bourbon Theater, Lincoln NE
2/13/12 Vaudeville Mews, Des Moines,IO
2/14/12 Beaumont Club, Kansas City, MO
2/15/12 Murdock Theater,Wichita,KS
2/17/12 Kessler Theare, Dallas,TX
2/18/12 Super Happy Fun Land, Houston,TX
2/19/12 ND, Austin,TX
2/22/12 Rev Room, Little Rock,AR
2/23/12 The Vault, Farmington,MO
2/24/12 Young AveDeli, Memphis,TN
2/27/12 Smoke and Barrel, Fayetteville,AR
2/29/12 The Coup, Clarksville,TN
3/1/12 Relix Variety Theatre,Knoxville,TN
3/2/12 Phoenix Hill Tavern, Louisville,TN
3/3/12 Galaxy Lounge, Johson City,TN
3/4/12 Galaxy Lounge, Johnson City,TN
3/6/12 Lincoln Theater, Raleigh,NC
3/8/12 Jimbo's Rock Lounge, Charleston,SC
3/9/12 The Rock Shop, Fayetteville,NC
3/10/12 Hampton Taphouse, Hampton,VA
3/11/12 North Star Bar,Philadelphia,PA
3/13/12 Snug Harbor, New Paltz,NY
5/11 Coney Island SIdeshow by the Seashore
5/12 Asury Lanes Asbury Park NJ
5/13 Lucky Dog Music Hall Worchester MA
5/15 Danbury CT Heirloom Arts Theater
5/16 The Note West Chester PA
5/17 Star Theater Berkeley Springs WV
5/18 Kirk Ave Music Hall Roanoke VA
5/19 Neighborhood Theater Charlotte NC
5/20 The Money Rock Hill SC
5/21 New Brookland Tavern Columbia SC
5/22 Vinyl Music Hall Pensicola FL
5/23 Alabama Music Box Mobile AL
5/24 Flying Monkey Arts Center Huntsville AL
5/25 Relix Variety Theater Knoxville TN
5/26 go-go Amy’s Pin Up Class with Boudoir Louisville
5/27 Beatersville car show Louisville KY (at the phoenix hill tavern)
5/28 The Pointe Evansville IN (as part ofThe Memorial Day Music Art and Burlesque Festival)
5/29 Smoke and Barrel Fayetteville AR (go-go Amy’s Birthday show)
5/31 Blue Note Oklahoma City OK
6/1 Murdock Theater Wichita KS
6/2 SteamPunk Event Wichita KS (details TBA)
6/3 ND venue Austin TX
6/4 Deadhorse San Angelo TX
6/6 Surly Wench Pub Tucson AZ
6/7 Phoenix Center for the Arts Phoenix AZ
6/8-6/10 Heather Holliday Performs at Ink and Iron Tattoo Fest Long Beach CA
6/13 Brick by Brick San Diego CA
6/15 Velvet Jones Santa Barbara CA
6/16 The Z Club San Luis Obispo CA
6/17 Moe's Alley Santa Cruz CA
6/18 The Dragonfly Los Angeles CA
6/19 Cellar Door Visalia CA
6/11 El Rey Theater Chico CA
6/23 Crystal Bay Casino Crystal Bay NV
6/25 Neurolux Boise ID
6/27 Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret Denver CO
6/28 Gryphon Theater Laramie WY
6/29 Ward Plaza Aberdeen SD
6/30 Phoenix Lounge Harrisburg SD
7/5 CS3 Fort Wayne IN
7/6 CS3 Fort Wayne IN (2 shows 8:00 and 11:00)
7/1 House of Loom Omaha NE
7/4 Chicago IL Schubas
7/7 Riviera Theater 3 Rivers MI
7/8 The Loft Lansing MI *with The Klaw Mark Kittens
7/10 Beechland Ballroom Cleveland OH *w/King Sickabilly and his full moon boys
7/11 Rex Theater Pittsburgh PA
7/12 Sound Factory Charleston WV
8/17 Theater 80 New York City
8/19 Theater 80 New York City
8/20 Theater 80 New York City
8/21 Theater 80 New York City
8/22 Theater 80 New York City
8/28 State Street Tattoo Schenectady NY Grand opening

European Tour


11/28/12 Christmas Market (Hamburg)

11/29/12 Christmas Market (Hamburg)

11/30/12 Travel to Belgium SHOW: Biebob Vosselaar (Belgium)

12/1/12 Casino Viage Brussel (Belgium)

12/4/12 Christmas Market (Hamburg)

12/4/12 Queen Calavera (Hamburg)

12/5/12 Christmas Market (Hamburg)

12/5/12 Queen Calavera (Hamburg)

12/6/12 In Den Wandelgangen (Holland)

12/7/12 De Piek Vlissingen(Holland)

12/8/12 Romein Leeuwarden(Holland)

12/14/12 Christmas Market (Hamburg)

12/14/12 Queen Calavera (Hamburg)

12/15/12 Christmas Market (Hamburg)

12/15/12 Queen Calavera (Hamburg)

12/17/12 Cabaret Fledermaus Vienna (Austria)

12/18/12 Rosi Amusierlokal Dresden (Germany)

12/19/12 Bassy Club Berlin (Germany)

12/20/12 Lila Eule Bremen (Germany)

12/21/12 Festsaal Kreuzberg Berlin (Germany)





1/24/13 TT The Bears Place Boston MA

1/25/13 Palace Theater Stafford Springs CT

1/26/13 The Haunt Ithaca NY

1/27 L’estage Philadelphia PA

1/30/13 Sound Factory Charleston WV

1/31/13 Kirk Ave Musichall Roanoke VA

2/1/13 Jewish Mother Virginia Back VA

2/2/13 Chop Shop Charlotte NC

2/4/13 New Brooklyn Tavern Columbia SC

2/5/13 and 6 Galaxy Lounge Johnson City TN

2/6/13 Jinx Savannaha GA

2/8/13 Fubar St Petersburg FL

2/9/13 Respectable Street West Palm Beach FL

2/11/13 1904 Jacksonville FL

2/12/13 The High Dive Gainesville FL

2/13/13 Rehab Tallahassee FL

2/14/13 (Valentine's Day) Vinyl Music Hall Pensacola FL

2/15/13 Grant St Music Hall Lafayette LA

2/16/13 The Kessler Theater Dallas TX

2/17/13 Vanishing Point Cafe Galveston TX

2/19/13 ND Venue Austin TX

2/20/13 Jack's Bar San Antonio TX

2/21/13 The Deadhorse San Angelo TX

2/22/13 Surly Wench Pub

2/24/13 The Dragonfly Hollywood CA

2/26/13 Bunkhouse Saloon Las Vegas NV

2/27/13 Moctezuma's Bar Prescott AZ

2/28/13 Low Spirits NM

3/1/13 Bash Riprock's Lubbock TX

3/2/13 The Empire House at Old Cowtown Museum Wichita KS

3/5/13 Smoke and Barrel Fayetteville AR

3/6/13 Rev Room Little Rock AR

3/7/13 Young Avenue Deli Memphis TN

3/8/13 and 9 Alley Theater Louisville KY

3/10/13 Yadda Club Covington KY

3/13/13 Dante's Frostburg MD

3/14/13 Applause Theater Pittston PA

3/15+3/16 HMAC Harrisburg PA



7/14/13] Glasgow: Monster a go-go

7/18/13 Edinburg: Voodoo Room

7/20/13 Glasgow: Riding Rooms

7/21/13 Aberdeen: The Tunnels

7/23/13 Sunderland: Infinity

7/24/13 Cardiff:  The Globe

7/25/13 London: Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club

7/26-7/28 Hot Rod Hayride

7/30/13 Wolverhampton: The Robin 2

8/1/13 Dublin (Ireland): Twisted Pepper

8/2/13 Leeds: Slung Low

8/3/13 Dundee: 20 Rocks

8//4/13 Glasgow: Stereo

8/10/13Glasgow: Enterteasement

8/15/13Edinburgh Fringe Festival

8/17-8/18 Dundee Tattoo Festival


9/7/13 Gangsters Ball: Metro Theatre Sydney Austrlaia
9/14/13 Gangsters Ball: Forum Theatre Melbourne Australia
9/18/13 Red Bennies Melbourne Australia
9/19/13Red Bennies Melbourne Australia
9/20/13 Sydney Fringe Festival Factory Theater Sydney Australia
9/21/13 Gangsters Ball Tivoli Theatre Brisbane Australia  
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